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March 7, 2017

Support Our Faculty Flyer

March 6, 2017

Our Temple  - Concerning Respect

On Monday, February 27, TAUP and Temple University administration met again to bargain a first contract for the 1400 adjuncts who are now part of our union.  We made some progress on a few issues, but on the fundamental matter of defining who is covered by the contract, there are still significant sticking points.  And on the most important matters—among them pay, benefits, and job security—we are still far apart, though we continue to talk in hopes of finding common ground.  Your support is crucial, so sign the petition to stand for a fair contract.

Our differences with the administration stem from a basic disparity in approach. TAUP has been consistent in putting forth proposals that formalize professionalism and respect for adjunct faculty. That includes equal pay for equal work, a system of reappointment that acknowledges experience, opportunities for promotion in rank, and reasonable access to benefits. You can find details of our proposals here.

Alternatively, the administration seems to be operating from an assumption that nothing needs to change for adjunct faculty and that the overwhelming majority of adjuncts who voted yes for a union are happy with the status quo. We know this is not the case.  Nevertheless, we have found some common ground with the administration on some specific issues, such as grievance and arbitration, non-discrimination, personnel files, adjunct parking benefits, and provision of desk copies of texts.

More troubling, the administration echoes the same arguments they made last year when they were fighting adjuncts’ rights to join TAUP--that adjuncts are so fundamentally different from full-time faculty that they deserve none of the same protections and benefits. The administration appeals to the market, which unerringly sets the worth of work. They assert that adjuncts keep applying to teach at Temple despite the lack of a living wage, affordable health benefits, a path to promotion, and any job security.  Doesn’t that prove that things are just fine as they are? These sentiments are perhaps most clearly reflected in the administration’s current counter-proposal of a ZERO % raise for adjunct faculty in response to our proposal for equal pay for equal work. 

The status quo condemns 1400 of our colleagues to non-professional status.  This is unacceptable.  The Temple we are fighting for, OUR TEMPLE, is a place where Temples considerable resources are sufficiently invested in those engaged in its primary missions of teaching and research.  OUR TEMPLE values as professionals the adjunct faculty who teach so many of our students.  OUR TEMPLE respects adjuncts.  If you agree, please sign the pledge of support.

We also ask that you join us on March 29 for a Rally for Respect. At stake in this first contract isn’t just raises for adjuncts, but respect for all faculty. Over half of the faculty at this university are adjunct, and a quarter are NTT. If we are to slow the ever-increasing movement toward contingent faculty that devalues all faculty, including those on the tenure track, we must stand together.  If those of us who teach graduate students are to make it more likely that many of our students can pay their rent and keep off food stamps as they search for scarce full-time academic work, we must stand together. Temple has relied on underpaid, overworked, and contingent faculty for years. This is an opportunity for faculty to stand united and share the message that our vision of Temple is one where all faculty are respected. Stand with us!

February 27, 2017

A Farewell from the TAUP President

Dear TAUP members,

As the TAUP election process for Officers and Constituency Council members begins, I want to let you know that I have decided not to run again for President.  I will continue to serve as Chief Negotiator, however, in our quest for a fair contract for adjunct faculty within our collective bargaining agreement with Temple.

It has been my privilege and honor to serve TAUP in many ways over the past 31 years.  I was first elected to the Executive Committee in 1986, and became President in a contested election in 1987.  I’ve had two stints as President – from 1987 to 2001 and again from 2007 to now.  I was the strike coordinator during our 3-week strike in 1986 and was at the center of our 4-week 1990 strike.

TAUP and Temple have both changed greatly since I was hired 39 years ago as a tenure-track Assistant Professor in the Fox School of Business.  I’m not going to recap this history, but I’m proud of how we in TAUP have continued to improve the lives and working conditions of all the faculty we represent, now totaling over 2,800.  Together, we in TAUP have changed Temple University for the better.

TAUP Adjunct Organizing Team

The faculty, librarians, and academic professionals we represent are the heart and soul of Temple.  We carry out the vital missions of Temple to create new knowledge and new works of art, disseminate this knowledge, engage our students in these endeavors, and serve our communities in the professions, our region, nation, and the world.

TAUP’s and my aims have always been to have all faculty treated as the professionals that we are in our teaching, research and service, and to express and foster the voice of rank-and-file faculty in the important decisions affecting us.  TAUP’s vision is to help make Temple University better.  This is OUR TEMPLE.

I look forward to new leadership in TAUP.  I’m confident that with the addition of the adjunct faculty, the new TAUP governance structure, and the shared vision of one united faculty, TAUP will continue to carry on this important work that I am happy to be a part of.

In solidarity,
Art Hochner

February 20, 2017

The Adjunct is IN!

Temple's first ever union adjunct office is officially launching Friday, February 24 at 11:30am-12:00pm. You may have seen our Peanuts-inspired parody around campus already, where we're inviting faculty and students to get updates on adjunct conditions and our first adjunct union contract.

Lucy stand the Adjunct is in

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