A Good Week for Adjuncts at Temple


Raises and Retroactive Pay

This week, those of you making under $1425/credit should have received your retroactive raises in your November paycheck along with November’s pay at your new, higher rate. If you want to confirm if the pay you received is correct, you can check our chart here. Your December pay will reflect what you will be making per pay period if you teach in the Spring or Summer of 2018. If you believe you haven’t received your raise, or that your paycheck is incorrect, please contact us:taupaft@gmail.com. 

For those of you who did not benefit from the current raise because you make more than $1425/credit, many will benefit in the Fall 2018 semester when the base rate of pay for all adjuncts will rise to $1500/credit.

If you’re among the few making more than $1500/cr., we look forward to fighting for raises for all adjuncts in the 2019 negotiations. Below are some of the other wins from the contract that will benefit everyone. 

Job Security, Promotion and Office Space

We are forming four labor/management committees created in the contract that will bring us together with members of the administration to discuss critical adjunct issues.  Invitations have gone out for the Job Security Committee.

There are also committees to study each of these areas:

●        Affirmative Action

●        Promotion

●        Office space

We are currently assessing candidates to serve on the labor half of these three committees. If you have expertise in an area that will be useful in assessing and understanding these issues, and if you would be able to take on some work and meet once a month, please let us know. 

How You Can Pay Your Dues

Temple has a period of time during which they will be configuring their systems to collect union dues from adjuncts. But that’s over a semester away.  Because of this, we are working with a company that collects dues for other unions across the country. We aim to have it up and running before December paychecks are out. In the meantime, we are asking members to pay dues this month by check. Your dues are 0.55% of your pay (which goes to TAUP) plus $9.48 (which goes to our affiliates, the AFT, AFTPA and AFLCIO). For most adjuncts, this will be between $15-16 per pay period. 

We won’t be chasing after you for this month’s dues. We can’t. But we do need the support of our members to do the work that we need to do in enforcing the contract, growing the union, providing services for members, and bargaining for more gains in the future. We look to you to pay your share.

When our system for automatic dues deduction is launched, we will be in touch with you. Meanwhile, we ask that you write a check to TAUP and bring it to our office at 721 Ritter Annex or mail it to:

1301 Cecil B. Moore Avenue
Ritter Annex 721 (04-15)
Philadelphia, PA 19122-6091

We are working on building union membership among adjuncts. If you’re interested in helping, let us know. We’ll be reaching out to you as well.

If You Are Not a Member Yet

Be in touch with us with any questions, and let us know if you want to join. This contract was possible only due to the dedication and courage of adjuncts and their allies who organized for years and kept at it through 15 months of hard bargaining.  Future gains will depend on other adjuncts stepping up.  Please contact us at taupaft@gmail.com.  We’ll be reaching out to many of you as well to make it easy for those who are interested in signing up.