2017 eBulletins:

After Charlottesville, 8/16/17

RCM Part III, 4/21/17

RCM Part II, 6/20/17

Why TAUP Members Oppose Temple’s Current Budgetary Model, 6/19/17

Negotiations Update, 5/19/17

Negotiations Update, 5/8/17

Phil Yannella memorial, 5/5/17

Rally to Defend ALL Faculty, Librarians and Academic Professionals, 5/1/17

Reception to Honor Art Hochner, 4/26/17

TAUP Election Results, 4/24/17

Unemployment Compensation Workshop for Adjuncts, 4/21/17

Members of Color Caucus, 4/20/17

Trump Budget March for Science, 4/17/17

Adjunct Negotiations-Money Matters, 4/14/17

Update on Adjunct Negotiations, 4/12/17

TAUP Nominating Committee Candidate Slate, 4/6/17

TAUP Mourns the Loss of Phil Yannella, 4/4/17

Do the Math Adjunct Rally, 3/27/17

Rally for Respect, 3/7/17

Our Temple-Concerning Respect, 3/6/17

A Farewell from the TAUP President, 2/27/17

The Adjunct is IN, 2/21/17

TAUP Nominating Committee, 2/20/17

TAUP Adjunct Negotiations Update, 2/14/17

Call for Candidates, 2/13/17

Executive Order on Immigration – How it Affects Us, 1/29/17

Join Us Thursday, January 19, at the Bell Tower, 1/19/17

Defend Education Reject Trump’s Nominee, 1/13/17

Negotiating for Pro Treatment and HQ Education, 1/9/17

Watchlist and Academic Freedom, 1/4/17