Campus Equity – It’s Not Just for Adjuncts


Tomorrow is National Campus Equity Week’s (CEW) Day of Action. Though historically the focus of CEW has been on the working conditions of contingent campus workers, it’s time for us all to recognize that contingency has created hardships and unfair conditions for campus workers across the board.

CEW has grown out of the movement to create more equitable conditions for adjunct and non-tenure track faculty. Its origins can be traced to activists from California community colleges who organized events in 1999, resulting in the formation of the Coalition for Contingent and Adjunct Labor (COCAL). In 2013, COCAL coordinated CEW in the US and Fair Employment Week (FEW) in Canada. It now also engages with organizations and activists in Mexico. Though we experience the wrongs we face personally, they are connected to larger trends internationally.    

TAUP will be out on campus at 13th and Polett Walk, near Founder’s Garden tomorrow engaging in discussions about equity across all job categories in offices, departments, schools and services throughout the University. Help us give out treats for Halloween, pick up a Campus Equity button or sticker, and engage with students, staff and faculty in conversations about equity across campus.  

Watch our social media (@TAUPAFT on Facebook, and @TAUP on Twitter) for posts from campus throughout the day.