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Welcome Back Spring 2018!

TAUP welcomes you back for the start of Spring 2018!  Over the break, TAUP’s leaders have been busy charting a way forward for our Union, and we need your ideas and your energy!

Membership Campaign and the 2019 Negotiations

Over the next two weeks, we’ll be joined by members and allies from the United Academics of Philadelphia for our Spring Membership Campaign. In a little over a year, we’ll be heading into contract negotiations, and having a strong membership base gives us much greater strength at the bargaining table. We look to members as we set the agenda for negotiations, and as you know, only members can vote when it comes to the contract ratification process. Later this term, we’ll be initiating the formal process for assessing issues by sending out a bargaining survey.  Keep an eye out for it, and know that these efforts are centered on gaining a greater understanding of the issues that need to be addressed for TAUP members.

If you would like to join TAUP, you can now do so online here.

Constituency Council Elections, and Committee Openings

We’re looking for new leaders! There will be elections this semester for slots on each of our Constituency Councils and we hope many of you will consider running. The Constituency Councils are, in part, advisory groups that we rely on when we have questions about the specific constituencies that TAUP represents (tenured/tenure track faculty, NTTs, Librarians, Academic Professionals and Adjuncts). Meetings occur once or twice a semester, often via video conferencing. If you are someone who understands issues that your constituents face, and if you have ideas and are interested in helping to improve the conditions we all work under, call the office so we can talk further and answer any questions you might have. You may also know someone who you would like to nominate to run. Let us know, and we’ll contact nominees for further discussion.   We also have slots on two new committees afforded by the  adjunct contract: one addressing Adjunct office space, and one on affirmative action.  Let us know if you’re interested!

New Initiatives

Speaking of elections, we’re working with AFTPA, our state affiliate, to help our members work effectively on this year’s local, state, and federal elections.  This is among our new initiatives, along with our work toward gaining Child Care on campus,  tuition remission at other universities, and the important work of Fighting Institutional Racism Caucus. We welcome your input on these issues.

The FAST Fund for Students at Risk of Dropping Out Due to Financial Hardship

Finally, we are proud to announce that Prof. Sara Goldrick-Rab has designated TAUP as the administrator for the seventh FAST (Faculty and Students Together) Fund that she has established.  The FAST Fund is designed to give modest amounts of aid (capped at a few hundred dollars) to help students faced with car repairs, a utility bill or some other urgent expense they can’t pay that puts them at risk for dropping out of school.  As the research of Prof. Goldrick-Rab and others has shown, a troublingly high percentage of current college students are food- and housing- insecure, and these small amounts of aid can make the difference in their ability to  stay in school.  We are finalizing our procedures for the Fund and will soon send them out to our members.  We know that our members care deeply about their students, and we’re very pleased to be in the position, thanks to the FAST Fund, to realize that care in a concrete and effective way.

We wish you all exciting and productive Spring semesters.  

The Hour is Late and the Stakes Are High:  We Must Oppose GOP Tax Reform!


We must do what we can to stop the GOP’s proposed Tax “Reform,” which may include provisions particularly harmful to higher education:  taxing graduate tuition remission as income; prohibiting deductions for student loan interest; and taxing endowments at some schools.  Recent reports indicate that the first two will not be in the bill emerging out of conference, and opposition is mounting toward the third; our efforts and those of our allies are having an effect!  But we cannot rest until we are sure these provisions are not in the bill,  and even without them, the bill would be a disgrace. As TAUP member and economist Don Wargo shows here in his clear-eyed analysis , it is founded on lies or mistakes; it disproportionately benefits the wealthy while doing serious damage to millions among the less-well-off and swelling the deficit; and it sets up draconian cuts to programs that millions of children, adults and senior citizens rely upon.

 So how can we act as Republicans in Congress speed this monstrosity toward a vote?

 Here are three ways:

 1) Work with TAUP leaders who have been calling colleagues living in districts represented by Republicans who may be persuadable—Ryan Costello (6th district), Patrick Meehan (7th—though he looks like an unlikely ally), and Brian Fitzpatrick (8th district).  We are giving these members a way to contact their representatives and urge them to vote “no” and to specifically combat any provisions that threaten higher education.  To help us call members in these districts, contact us at    

2) If you live in these districts, call 877-795-7862you’ll be asked to provide your zip code and will then be connected to your legislator’s office.  If you talk to an aide or leave a message, make sure you mention your address so that they can be sure they know you are a constituent.

3) Attend an action— protest outside a legislator’s office, a townhall, etc.   Go to the American Federation of Teachers’ page,  It provides a wealth of information about what’s wrong with the proposed bills.   Scroll down to find various resources including actions put together by Indivisible, Americans For Tax Fairness, and Not One Penny.

It’s the end of the semester and all of us have tons of exams, essays,final projects or performances to grade.  Many of us are looking longingly toward the Break.  But it is critical that we spare any time we can to raise our collective voice against these wrongheaded, destructive and immoral proposals.  There is too much at stake, and signing online petitions is not enough. It is time to act.

 In Solidarity,

​Steve Newman ​
TAUP President

Unemployment Compensation Workshops



TAUP will be holding workshops to offer information about applying for Unemployment Compensation starting on Thursday of this week.

Whether you have questions about eligibility, how to properly fill out forms, if you want to know what to do if you are still working part time, or anything else, we can help you.

Workshops are one hour long and by appointment only. Anyone in the TAUP collective bargaining unit is welcome to attend.

We have tried to offer as many dates and times as possible. Please see the schedule below and email to make an appointment


For Adjuncts: Here’s How You Can Pay Your Dues

As mentioned in our last eBulletin, Temple has a period of time during which they will be configuring their systems to collect union dues from adjuncts. But that’s over a semester away.  Because of this, we are working with a company that collects dues for other unions across the country. We aim to have it up and running before December paychecks are out. In the meantime, we are asking members to pay dues this month by check. Your dues are 0.55% of your pay (which goes to TAUP) plus $9.48 (which goes to our affiliates, the AFT, AFTPA and AFLCIO). For most adjuncts, this will be between $15-16 per course, per pay period.

We do need the support of our members to do the work that allows us to continue to build our strength and helps us in enforcing the contract, providing services for members, and bargaining for more gains in the future. We look to you to pay your share.

When our system for automatic dues deduction is launched, we will be in touch with you. Meanwhile, please take a moment to send a check to TAUP and bring it to our office at 721 Ritter Annex or mail it to:


1301 Cecil B. Moore Avenue

Ritter Annex 721 (04-15)

Philadelphia, PA 19122-6091



By appointment only in the TAUP office (721 Ritter Annex)

Thursday, December 7




Friday, December 8





Monday, December 11

All day by appointment


Tuesday, December 12

Before noon by appt

 Wednesday, December 13




 Thursday, December 14








Friday, December 15






Saturday, December 16

9am – 5pm by appt

Sunday, December 17

9am – 6pm by appt