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Unemployment Compensation Workshops



TAUP will be holding workshops to offer information about applying for Unemployment Compensation starting on Thursday of this week.

Whether you have questions about eligibility, how to properly fill out forms, if you want to know what to do if you are still working part time, or anything else, we can help you.

Workshops are one hour long and by appointment only. Anyone in the TAUP collective bargaining unit is welcome to attend.

We have tried to offer as many dates and times as possible. Please see the schedule below and email to make an appointment


For Adjuncts: Here’s How You Can Pay Your Dues

As mentioned in our last eBulletin, Temple has a period of time during which they will be configuring their systems to collect union dues from adjuncts. But that’s over a semester away.  Because of this, we are working with a company that collects dues for other unions across the country. We aim to have it up and running before December paychecks are out. In the meantime, we are asking members to pay dues this month by check. Your dues are 0.55% of your pay (which goes to TAUP) plus $9.48 (which goes to our affiliates, the AFT, AFTPA and AFLCIO). For most adjuncts, this will be between $15-16 per course, per pay period.

We do need the support of our members to do the work that allows us to continue to build our strength and helps us in enforcing the contract, providing services for members, and bargaining for more gains in the future. We look to you to pay your share.

When our system for automatic dues deduction is launched, we will be in touch with you. Meanwhile, please take a moment to send a check to TAUP and bring it to our office at 721 Ritter Annex or mail it to:


1301 Cecil B. Moore Avenue

Ritter Annex 721 (04-15)

Philadelphia, PA 19122-6091



By appointment only in the TAUP office (721 Ritter Annex)

Thursday, December 7




Friday, December 8





Monday, December 11

All day by appointment


Tuesday, December 12

Before noon by appt

 Wednesday, December 13




 Thursday, December 14








Friday, December 15






Saturday, December 16

9am – 5pm by appt

Sunday, December 17

9am – 6pm by appt


Invitation to Discussion with VP for Research Michele Masucci


Faculty Engaged in Externally-Funded Research!

TAUP invites you to a discussion with

Vice President for Research Michele Masucci

Friday, December 8, 11:00 a.m1:00 p.m.

Gladfelter 914 (The Weigley Room)

VP Masucci will discuss efforts at the Office of Research to improve research administration, compliance, and innovation and her role in reducing workload as Vice Chair of the Federal Demonstration Partnership and TU representative to the Government University Industry Research Round Table. Attendees are invited to ask questions and make suggestions.

 Lunch will be provided to attendees who RSVP to

Adjunct Raises

e-Bulletin 20171103

Among the gains in the new contract is a raise for eligible adjuncts making under $1425 per credit hour, retroactive to the beginning of this semester. We have just confirmed with Temple’s Human Resources department that the retroactive pay owed from the first two pay periods will be included in adjuncts’ November paychecks. This means your November paycheck will be larger than usual, and your December paycheck will reflect your new monthly rate of pay (for the fall semester; in the spring, there are 5 pay periods instead of 4).

You are eligible for a raise IF:

·        in addition to teaching this semester, you have also taught for at least one semester over the last three. (If this is your first semester teaching at Temple, you will receive a raise the next time you teach, provided it’s within the next three semesters.)


·        you have been making under $1425 per credit hour. You rate will be raised to $1425.

If you are making between $1425 to $1500. You will receive a one-time $150 dollar bonus.

If you make $1300/credit, the most common rate of pay that will be affected by the raise, you can reference this chart to determine the accuracy of your gross pay in the next two pay periods.

We highly recommend that everyone check their paychecks both in November and December.

If you find a discrepancy in your gross pay from what is stated here, please contact TAUP and your department chair or program director.