TAUP Childcare Survey

eBulletin 2/7/2018

Dear Faculty, Librarians, and Academic Professionals,

After many discussions and considerable research into how nearly 20 other peer and aspirant universities approach child care for their employees, the joint TAUP-Faculty Senate Committee on Child Care is ready for the next step—to hear from you about a range of potential options to address this crucial issue.

So please fill out this survey by February 16th.  If there is sufficient support for some sort of childcare benefit, your responses will shape the proposal our Committee will put forth; the current TAUP contract obliges the administration to “review, consider, and respond to any proposals in a timely fashion.”

If you have any questions or concerns or would like to join the Committee, please contact the Chair, Marsha Weinraub (Psychology): marsha.weinraub@temple.edu.

Thank you!


Steve Newman,

President,  TAUP and Faculty Senator for CLA, on behalf of the Child Care Committee

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